How to become a member?
1. Click on the head banner or any "Join Now" link, "Join the Club" banner or any game's FREE link
2. You will be redirected to the Club page with all key benefits and terms
3. Confirm your weekly subscription by clicking on JOIN NOW, SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE or YES, I WANT TO JOIN THE CLUB links.

How to download?
1. Click on the game of your choice
2. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the game on your handset
3. Once a game is downloaded, install it in your “games” menu on your device.

Error messages?
1. First check your INTERNET SETTINGS in your handset for WEB or DATA access
2. Then check your 3G or 4G settings and make sure your phone is enabled.
3. If you open your handset browser, GO TO your network operators site
4. If you need help to set-up your correct SETTINGS, please contact your mobile network services customer care department or go into a nearby shop

How to open Live Wallpaper on my phone?
1. Download and install the Google Wallpaper App for your Android phone which you can access from the link here
2. Once installed you can open your downloaded live wallpaper file again and run the installation

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